Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ISMmagic - New Social Network Goes Ballistic

It is not everyday that I get invited to help participate in the development and launch of a new program.
But, that is exactly what happened with me a few months ago.
My name is Ed Blount, and I, along with Penny Cannon, Graeme Jenkins and Richard Cannon were invited by the admin and owner Russell Chapman to do just that.
There has been over a years worth of research gone into the planning of ISMmagic.
Integrated and Social Marketing Magic (ISMmagic.com)
is a new social networking site for internet marketers.
Proposed Pre-Launch Date 1st August 2011
To say we are all excited is an understatement.
As the proposed launch day creeps ever closer, the adrenalin has been rising.
We have already hit 1,100 members, and when you consider this is not even the Pre-Launch stage, it is an Awesome achievement.
So what is ISMmagic I hear you ask !
Quite simply, ISMmagic is a social network for internet marketers with an associated midas matrix pay plan. It's tools and facilities are designed to make your internet marketing within the site fast and efficient, whilst providing a conducive environment to build relationships with other members.
It may be used in 3 ways :
  • Marketing Tool
  • Affiliate Business
  • Social Site
To view more information on this incredible opportunity click here , or to Pre-Register your Early Bird Position then click here.
It is Free to Register and the great news is that even Free members will have the ability to earn !!
There is a skype help group and you may contact me @ edublount on skype.
ISMmagic.com designed To Please All The Members All The Time.

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