ISM guide

This is a simple guide for all ISMmagic members and would be ISMmagic members. As we move through the phase of development it will be updated.

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How do you earn ? The Comp-plan ...This explains in detail.
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Competition - Referrals and Spot Prizes....
Write the winning new Slogan and win 6 months upgrade!!

How To Use The Site - prior to 'Pre-Launch'?
At the emoment we have two menus – the grey one immediately under the purple header and the beige one with the black/green tabs on most pages under 'My Account' and 'Social Wall'. Some pages can be accessed via either menu.
To view the news feed/dashboard click on 'Social Wall'. All messages you write whether or your own or someone else’s profile or on the social wall itself will show up on the news feed. There is currently no way to send anybody a private message. Updates to the news feed can be viewed by clicking the blue bar which says New updates available but you will need to refresh the page to see new comments added to posts.
To view your own profile click on My Account —> My Profile or on the green Profile tab (ignore the drop-down menu).
To view someone else’s profile or to write on their wall click on their name or profile pic.
To edit your profile click on 'My Account' —> Edit Profile or on the green Profile tab and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu.
To change your user name click on 'My Account' —> 'My Login Details'. Please note, changing your user name will not change your affiliate link.
To view your friends click on 'My Account' —> 'Friends'. You can sort by 'Recently Added', 'Online' or 'Alphabetical'.
To find new people to connect with click on 'Members' —> 'Show All Members' (sort by 'Newest' or 'Alphabetical') or click on 'Friends' —> Invite 'Friends' and scroll down to view friend suggestions. Please note, the email inviter feature is not currently available.
To see your direct referrals click on Promote —> Affiliate Reports. Put a check mark in the box next to Direct Referrals and then click on the green check mark in the top right-hand corner. Currently the report provides basic information only and has no styling.
Where is your affiliate link? click on Promote —> Affiliate Link.
To view the compensation plan click here.
This is the perfect time to promote the site to build your matrix. Banners are available here.
Please whitelist, and to make sure you receive important updates and information.